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Who we are

We are a community of believers from all backgrounds. No matter where you are on your journey, you are invited to jump in and join us as we work to restore lives though the power of Jesus Christ. Here at Restoration Church, we have five core values.

We LOVE God and we love people. We're here to WORSHIP an audience of one. We want to REACH this world with the Gospel, GROW in spiritual maturity, and GROUND others in the Apostolic doctrine.

We are Restoration Church.

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Where we are from

Founded in 1964 as Winds of Pentecost, this church has served the St. Charles area faithfully, committed to reaching people and sharing the Apostolic message. Rev. Gwaltney served as the founding pastor, drawing together people from every walk of life.

Where we are going

Rev. Tom Trimble became the pastor in 2004, marking a new chapter for the Apostolic message in St. Charles. In 2020, the church took on a new identity, Restoration Church, to reflect the ultimate goal for each individual to find their own restoration through Jesus Christ. Our vision is to have a first century experience in a last century church.

What does this mean for you

Our mission is transforming lives and destinies through the power of Jesus Christ. This means that there is a place for you. There is a church family waiting to welcome you. There is no need to wait, no prerequisites you need to check off. Wherever you are in your journey, we invite you to visit us and learn about our family and our beliefs.

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