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Welcome to Chosen Children's Ministries! At Restoration Church, we foster a safe, fun environment for children to grow, learn, and connect. During Sunday School, students will participate in activities, enjoy fellowshipping with other students, and learn about the Bible.

Sunday School
Our Sunday School program has approximately forty hours with our students each year. While that may seem like a long time, it's actually a very small fraction of their year. We want to make each hour count. Our experienced and well-trained staff are here to help your family and provide supplemental spiritual instruction to the home.

Vacation Bible School
Every summer, Chosen Children's Ministries will host a special VBS experience with themed activities, special speakers, and much more!

Family Revival
Family Revival is a special series of services geared towards life transformations in families.

About Our Children's Director
Danette Beaver has been a member of Restoration Church for over twelve years, serving in many leadership capacities in that time. You'll often see her holding a newborn or corralling a group of energetic toddlers. She has used her passion for the next generation to help countless families and revitalize Children's Ministries.

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