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You are the future! We must invest our time, our energy, and our finances to prepare a place for the next generation.

Sowing means putting down roots and investing in your community. Tithing is the foundational principle of God’s financial plan to create a community of believers.
Tithing provides for the daily operations of the church. It provides a place where believers gather and worship. A tithe is 1/10 of our income.

Growing means putting aside for the future, the next generation. 
It reaches beyond the daily operations of the church. First Fruits is a sacrificial offering above and beyond tithes to cre
ate a surplus for future growth. First Fruits is a “first offering” of your income. Your first week of income would be symbolic of a “first offering” sacrifice. The First Fruits offering replaces the current “Inherit the Land” offering.
Give to grow the future of Restoration Church.

Our GO Missions offering reaches around the world. It goes where we cannot physically go.
A minimum additional commitment of $1/day ensures we can reach the world and our local community.

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